The Degeneracy Problem in Non-Canonical Inflation  [Abstract : ps]
    with Damien Easson

Scalar runnings and a test of slow roll from CMB distortions  [Abstract : ps]

Inflaton or Curvaton? Constraints on Bimodal Primordial Spectra from Mixed Perturbations  [Abstract : ps]
    with William H. Kinney, Azadeh Moradinezhad Disgah, and Antonio Riotto

Tensor tilt from primordial B-modes  [Abstract : ps]

Optimizing future experimental probes of inflation  [Abstract : ps]
    with Damien Easson

Identifying the inflaton with primordial gravitational waves  [Abstract : ps]
    with Damien Easson

Observational signatures of gravitational couplings in DBI inflation  [Abstract : ps]
    with Damien Easson and Shinji Mukohyama

Cosmological constraints on rapid roll inflation  [Abstract : ps]
    with Takeshi Kobayashi and Shinji Mukohyama

Tensors, non-Gaussianities, and the future of potential reconstruction  [Abstract : ps]
    with Kostantinos Tzirakis and William H. Kinney

Limits on primordial power spectrum resolution: an inflationary flow analysis  [Abstract : ps]
    with William H. Kinney

Photometric Decomposition of Barred Galaxies  [Abstract : ps]
    with A. S. Reese et al.

The pre-inflationary vacuum in the cosmic microwave background  [Abstract : ps]
    with William H. Kinney

The Lyth bound and the end of inflation  [Abstract : ps]
    with Richard Easther and William H. Kinney

Ph.D Thesis: Recovering the Inflationary Potential: An Analysis Using Flow Methods and Markov Chain Monte Carlo  [pdf]