Hume's Dialogues and the Argument from Design

An essay on natural religion and the question of design in nature based on David Hume's Dialogoues Concerning Natural Religion
Hard Incompatibilism, Zany Metaphysics, and Sophistry: A View on Free Will

An essay on free will centered around the book Four Views on Free Will.
A Note on Richard Taylor's Fatalism

A short note on the 1962 article Fatalism by philosopher Richard Taylor which makes the claim that fatalism is a logical necessity. This claim is widely viewed to be false, seeing as Taylor's argument is purely logical and the truth of fatalism requires input from physics, namely, whether the universe is causally deterministic. Taylor's argument is simple, however, and it is difficult to see where it goes astray.
Hume, Popper, Bayes: An essay on how we come to know stuff

An exploration of the main players in the development of scientific inference, and a celebration of Bayes' Theorem as its modern centerpiece.

In exploring new subjects, I have found the rare suggested reading list to be immensely helpful. These are lists of recommended books and papers that I have found useful for learning about various topics. Please contact me with suggested additions.
The Philosophy of Scientific Inference

The nature and limits of scientific inquiry fall under the subject of philosophy. This reading list covers investigations into the problem of induction, Popper's deductivism and falsification program, and Bayesian approaches to scientific inference.

These are notes on physics papers. They are at times summary, worked calculation, criticism, and rambling confusion. I usually write notes as I work through papers -- they are not polished or particularly presentable, but they're here on the off chance that they can be of some help to someone. This list will grow as I continue to convert my notes into html.
Black Holes and Entropy  Beckenstein, J. (1973)
Quantum vacuum energy in general relativity  Ford, L.H. (1975)
Fate of the False Vacuum: Semiclassical Theory  Coleman, S. (1977)
Infrared divergences in a class of Robertson-Walker universes  Ford, L.H. and Parker, Leonard (1977)
Creation of Universes from Nothing  Vilenkin, A. (1982)
Supercooled Phase Transitions in the Very Early Universe  Hawking, S.W. and Moss, I.G. (1982)
A New Inflationary Universe Scenario: A Possible Solution of the Horizon, Flatness, Homogeneity, Isotropy and Primordial Monopole Problems  Linde, A. (1982)
Birth of Inflationary Universes  Vilenkin, A. (1983)